The Science

Allowing mother nature
to do her thing

What used to take centuries, now only takes a few years with a little help from science. Our revolutionary organic polymer allows naturally occurring microorganisms to consume plastic in landfill!

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  • Plastic biodegradation
    Did you know?
    Mother nature has personally thanked us for BDP™?
  • How it works

    Microorganisms love carbon ... in small bits! The naturally occurring microorganisms that live in landfills love carbon ... and landfills have a lot of it. There is a lot of carbon in plastic but they are in super long chains called polymers. Microorganisms find these long chain polymers hard to eat, until now!

    Landfill Friendly plastic
    Plastic Polymer

    In depth science reading

    If you want to know exactly what is going on right down to the molecular level and the chemical science, we have exactly what you are looking for.

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    Frequently wondered questions

    Plastic Biodegradable

    How is it added
    to plastic?

    It's not magic!

    Our polymer is a 'drop-in' polymer. It's a little pellet that is added to the manufacturing of plastic the same way color is added.

    Landfill Friendly Plastic

    How strong is the
    plastic after

    Just like traditional plastic!

    The answer is so simple: just as strong as plastics without our polymer.

    Organic Polymers

    How long does
    treated plastic last?

    As long as normal plastic.

    Treated plastic lasts as long as regular plastic but once in a landfill, our treated plastic begins to biodegrade*. But until then, you will enjoy the same long shelf life and durable performance as traditional plastic.

    Life span of plastic

    From manufacturing to consumer to the landfill - this is what happens to all of the worlds plastic.

    Plastic Polymer
    Biodegradable Plastic

    Manufacturing During regular manufacturing, BDP™ is added to the plastic material. There is no change to the traditional manufacturing process thanks to BDP™'s ‘drop-in’ technology. It is added just like a colorant!

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    Plastic Polymer
    Breakdown Plastic

    Retail stores Buy your groceries and throw them in a Breakdown bag without a guilty conscience!

    Plastic Breakdown biodegredation

    DisposalAfter you unpack your groceries, return your bag or recycle it. Unfortunately not all people are as responsible as you are and these bags end up being thrown in the trash.

    Disposable Plastic Alternative
    Landfill Friendly Plastic Alternative

    Landfill79% of the world’s plastic ends up in landfills. Your bag has ended up here too. But fear not! used a Breakdown bag and it is landfill friendly!

    Organic Plastic

    Power of BDP™ Within the next few years, your bag will act just like a leaf in the landfill, being chomped on by microorganisms. Once the decomposition is complete, there is nothing but organic matter left over.

    The science behind it
    Organic Polymer Plastic Alternative