ARTICLES - Month: November 2016

There are too many things labeled ‘Biodegradable’!

What does the term ‘biodegradable’ actually mean? Where do things biodegrade? How long is the process? Since we specialize in making plastic biodegradable, I am going to unpack this for the curious-minded greenies out there. Lets go to the polls!! In the words of Steve Harvey or Al Borlan from Home Improvement (depending on which......


Coffee Chains in the U.K. under Fire for coating on cups.

What is going on in the U.K. that is getting everyone up in arms about the coating on coffee cups? Well…. most people don’t know this, but the inside of those paper cups are coated with plastic. And when these so called ‘environmentally friendly’ paper cups end up in landfills, what happens to these cups? The......