World’s plastic waste issue as dangerous as climate change

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So, I came across this article (link below this essay:) and felt a need to share it. This is an eye opener and there are some painful recent numbers to digest here in terms of plastic waste and what our planet is going to look like in a few short years. This article focuses on bottle waste and packaging waste….notably in the U.K. where half of all PET bottles end up in landfill.
There are also some current statistics regarding recycling and the struggles to keep up with plastic production. Also the struggle to switch companies minds to use RPET … recycled PET.
The reality in my opinion and i am sure in most of yours, is that we need science at this point to help this massive problem….a problem that these researchers are comparing to having the same impact as global warming!
Consumer behavior is not changing fast enough, if at all. It may improve but plastic production is growing faster than our behavior, especially now with Chinese culture quickly matching our style of fast paced life and more portable lifestyles. With a population of this size, the impact on our environment could be catastrophic if something isn’t done.
This article states by 2050, plastic will outweigh fish in the ocean. I am not okay with this and I doubt any of you are. 80% of the air we breath comes from phytoplankton in the ocean. Plastic impacts the entire ecosystem in the ocean, from whales to coral … right down to the single-celled organisms. Without one of the layers, the balance is thrown off and scientists are predicting the worst.
I honestly believe that together we CAN fix this. With not only the technology we are working on but also working together and with other companies and entrepreneurs to promote sustainable initiatives. To promote recycling of plastics, the natural decomposition of plastics via BDP and our new developments into bio based / BDP resins. These ‘plant waste’ resins as we call them, use waste materials like coffee grinds, rice husk and straw. We blend BDP into these bio based materials to create a more sustainable yet ‘landfill friendly’ resin….and since it’s made from waste materials, the cost is lower than PLA.
We need initiatives like our proposed ‘Gold Standard’ certification for plastic where plastics are made with our Breakdown technology and companies license the Gold Seal.  But it doesn’t stop there. Part of our Gold Standard fee goes to organizations that are out there doing the clean up work. So we solve the problem going forward with technology, recycle efforts and reuse initiatives AND we help with the current mess we have made via the Gold Standard program.
We need to create better end-of-life solutions for plastic, and the data shows recycling can’t keep up to production. We need sound technology that has a low carbon footprint, is cost effective so that consumers and companies can afford it and we need to focus this technology where the plastic ends up….. landfills, oceans and litter environments. These are our three points of focus.
No doubt you all have been privy to our Breakdown Earth film which is a bio based product with many incredible features that we hope will one day replace HDPE bags globally. Features like photo-degradability in 280 days, no toxic remnants, made with sugar cane waste, costing on par with PLA and stronger than HDPE. This material can be burned and the remaining ash act as as a soil conditioner, increasing crop growth.
We also are in the development stages of an organic additive similar to our BDP additive called Breakdown Ocean. This additive will attract ocean microbes in the same way our BDP additive attracts landfill microbes. Plastics made with Breakdown Ocean will be consumed by microbes, just like a banana peel. We are in early trial stages but our science team is confident they will be able to develop this within the next few years.
We are committed to this cause and we need help in making this change. It takes entrepreneurs to push through the bureaucracy and actually succeed at what they believe is a better way. We want to be the pushers and we need your help to get there. Share this article with everyone you know and let’s save this planet. Our children will thank us!
Ryan Jesse

Breakdown Plastic Inc.